Chains around our wrists. But if I had to choose which chain project is at the top of my favorite list? It’s totally optional; I just like using it because it gives me a better grip on the jump rings, and prevents them from marring. // ]]>. Or you can get both of Ann’s videos together in one DVD — Chain Making with Ann Cahoon. This ebook is in PDF form, and is just a little over 1.6 MB in size. Stay up to date with the latest content, educational resources, promotions and special news from our partners. The Japanese Dangle Earrings are adorable and attention-grabbing all at once. The Barrel pattern is one variation, which when done in a tighter weave is quite a tailored look. Wearing this bracelet won't let you go unnoticed. While this type of project is great for DIY gift ideas, chances are you'll probably want these seed beads and charms wrapped around your wrist. Because of the nature of the tutorial, I don’t provide refunds, but I do my very best to over-deliver for you. Working with chains is also a great way to experiment with new tools for the first time. The supplies for the base pattern (the black and gold photo) are as follows. You get a lot of very close-up photos so you see exactly where each ring goes, as well as written instructions. So what’s next? This Graceful Crystal and Wire Necklace showcases simple wire-wrapping techniques at their finest. (Another example of an orbital weave is Celtic Visions.). Making your own chains can sound intimidating, but it’s really not. Short chains. And Rhinos Snorting Drano of course falls into that category. Chains around our wrists. The base of this chain maille jewelry pattern is a simple one-in-one (sometimes called 2-in-2) chain. It has 20 pages and 35 photos. An orbital ring is one that does not pass through any other ring; instead it passes around them. Chains around our necks. An excellent example is Lisa Niven Kelly’s Twisted Spiral S Chain. It’s a relatively easy way to explore forging with a torch, and you can easily turn it into your own unique design. Just what will you learn in this tutorial? That’s a soldering joke.). The individual patterns are named and sorted by the number of times a single link in the pattern passes through another link and by whether the pattern forms a "Chain" or a "Mail". Attach it to a plain bail and chain, and display it proudly. Two of my favorite chain maille designs were created by Kylie Jones, a frequent contributor to Lapidary Journal Jewelry Artist, Step By Step Wire Jewelry, and a number of our special interest magazines. Not that you can’t use it to make bracelets or necklaces, but the pattern shows itself best when hanging vertically. How a person can take the small rings and make such a densely-woven piece of jewelry was amazing to me. If you want the supply info on the two variations I show, the list for these is below the video. Well, next you try combining . on Just Cast On: Making Your First Sweater, on Free Wire Jewelry Video: Wire Link Charm Bracelets, How to Make Jewelry with Argentium Sterling Silver: Fold Forming, Soldering & More with Cynthia Eid, Jeweler’s Files: Filing Tips and Tricks for a Professional Finish, Argentium Sterling Silver Q & A with Argentium Expert Cynthia Eid, Jewelry Making: In the Studio Soldering, Fusing, and Creating with a Micro Torch and Butane, 5 Places to Wear Your Wildflower Necklaces this Summer, Free Wire Jewelry Video: Wire Link Charm Bracelets. With these weaves, I demonstrate each weave in at least two different color rings, so you can more easily see how the weave is put together. A lot of different techniques can be used to create them — and the Interweave store ( includes a whole bunch of projects (from the pages of Lapidary Journal Jewelry Artist, Step By Step Wire Jewelry, and Easy Wire) that teach you those techniques. Janice Berkebile’s video, Easy Jewelry Chain Making, is a great way to watch and learn new chain techniques. well . Plus, this DIY jewelry project shows you a wire wrapping jewelry technique. A beautiful blend of elegance and funky style, these Regal Hammered Hoop Bead Earrings certainly stand on their own. Chainmaille patterns aren't just for armor anymore! It’s that forgiving a weave. (And you’ll join the rest of us chain freaks.) //

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