Get full nutrition info for every recipe and track with one click! Make sure to "smell the coco for a scent of loco" to enjoy our coconut-scented bottles. 82. Sugars 56 Cal. Perdez du poids en suivant rapidement et facilement votre consommation de calories. You’ll be transported to the paradise of a secret Caribbean island through the sweet, delicate and creamy taste of fresh coconut, with a hint of citrus and tropical fruit. Visit CalorieKing to see … Dietary Fiber 0g Protein 0g. Captain Morgan Captain Morgan - Gold Rum. 0 %--Protein. Copyright © 2020 Leaf Group Ltd. Visit CalorieKing … Captain Morgan® Parrot B...Captain Morgan® Tattoo o...Captain Morgan® Parrot B...Captain Morgan® Original... Captain Morgan® Parrot B...Captain Morgan® Private ...Captain Morgan® Silver s... Calories (kcal) EU privacy preferences | In other words, they Carbohydrates Fourteen grams of pure alcohol or 44.3 milligrams of 80 proof distilled alcohol is considered one drink. Calorie Goal 1,756 cal. How does this food fit into your daily goals? For the Captain’s gluten-intolerant crew members, you will be happy to know that Loconut is gluten free. Cholesterol ... Captain Morgan Parrot Bay Coconut Rum (1 oz) Calories: 66, Fat: 0g, Carbs: 0g, Protein: 0g. The calories in alcoholic drinks are therefore empty calories, because they deliver no nutrients, notes a research study published in the American Journal of Public Health in April 2014. Try it in one of our rum cocktails. , Glossary There’s the touch of glistening gold between his fingers, and always the feel of the warm afternoon Caribbean sun on his face. Captain & Ginger. fl oz. Twitter. Log Food. 21% ABV. Lastly, spices and natural flavors are blended into the alcohol. Captain Morgan Captain Morgan - Coconut Rum. All rights reserved. Serving Size : 12 oz Coke & 1.5 oz Rum. Calorie Goal 1,900 cal. Rum is a type of alcohol that originated in the Caribbean. You'd need to walk 24 minutes to burn 86 calories. Read more: Malibu Rum Nutrition Information. The table below reflects the standard shot size in the US or Canada - 1.5 fl.oz = 44.36ml, and in the United Kingdom, where a single shot is 25ml. Daily Goals. The beer Captain Morgan 100 Proof Rum calories are 122 grams with contains ABV of 50% Knowing the Alcohol Content of Captain Morgan 100 Proof Rum is necessary before you take a sip. Back to top. Are you wondering — for a friend, obviously — whether spiced rum is compatible with a diet? Sanjana is a master's graduate from New York University and a certified personal trainer and sports nutritionist. Drinking games. terms of use | Rum is a type of alcohol that originated in the Caribbean. Log Food. Log Food. privacy policy | Copyright ©2020 Alcoholvolume All rights reserved. advertisements are served by third party advertising companies. contain calories with no nutritional value, absolutely none. 100 % 11g Carbs. Get the widget According to the U.S. National Library of Medicine, most alcoholic beverages don't have any nutritional value. If you drink your rum with Coke, the number of calories in your Captain Morgan rum and Coke depends on the type of Coke you choose. Moreover, we do not select every advertiser or advertisement that appears on the web site-many of the USDA: “2015-2020 Dietary Guidelines for Americans”, U.S. National Library of Medicine: “Calorie Count - Alcoholic Beverages”, U.S. National Library of Medicine: “Association Between Alcohol Calorie Intake and Overweight and Obesity in English Adults”, PARTNER & LICENSEE OF THE LIVESTRONG FOUNDATION. Sodium 0mg. Connexion. Calories % Daily Value* 0%. Share. Captain Morgan's Original Rum, White Rum and Spiced Gold Rum all have around 89 calories per 40-milliliter serving of 80 proof alcohol, according to Diageo. 2020 Alcohol, Parrot Bay BreezeDave MatthewsBetsie TempleA Little DinghyParrot Bay SunsetPussy JuiceCuban Crime of PassionParrot Bay PinadaAdrenaline RushAttempted SuicideRat FuckDressed Up Pina ColadaEasy CreamsicleMy PleasureThe Captains Silver Sunrise, Strawberry TropicoladaDrunken ParrotHawaiian ParrotThe Talking CowMonte's Sex PotionBlue ParrotLesbian LoverFinal Exam ReliefCaptain CourageousToocan SamCabin CoolerA-Rang-A-TangIsland DoctorChocolate RavageTropical Titty Twister. 100 Cal. Read more: How Many Teaspoons of Sugar Are There in a Can of Coke? Calories in Coconut Rum based on the calories, fat, protein, carbs and other nutrition information submitted for Coconut Rum. Terminology Drink responsibly - Captains Orders! How Many Teaspoons of Sugar Are There in a Can of Coke? Even the Captain is a fan of gingers. Bartender guide Amount Per Serving. California Privacy Rights | And it’s the latter that inspired him to concoct a rum that invokes the clear, crisp and vibrant feel of the Caribbean in Captain Morgan Coconut Rum. Captain & Coke - Captain Morgan Parrot Bay Coconut Rum & Coca Cola. 0 %--Protein. If you do prefer the occasional Captain Morgan rum drink, you're probably better off opting for a no-carb or low-carb variety, especially if you're trying to be mindful of your carb intake. According to Coca-Cola, a 330-milliliter serving of regular Coke has 594 calories. Claudia is an expert at intuitive eating, nutrition science, and removing diets from your life. This information should be used as a guideline only and may vary in different types of rum and rum brands. Do Not Sell My Personal Information | Drinking a couple of drinks on a night out can set you back more than 500 calories. AdChoices Percentages are based on a diet of 2000 calories a day. The varieties of Captain Morgan's rum that have a higher carb content also have a higher calorie content. This will make you aware of the alcohol by volume percentage so that you have an idea about Captain Morgan 100 Proof Rum alcohol content which you are consuming. The U.S. National Library of Medicine cautions that the calories in alcohol can add up pretty quickly, so you should be mindful of how much you're drinking. À propos de Aliments Exercices Applis Communauté Blog Acheter Premium. It’s invigorating, fresh tasting and always worthy of the Captain’s attention. CocktailsShotsPunchesLiqueursNon-AlcoholicBeer & AleCoffee & Tea, Glossary home | sitemap | links | Trouvez des infos nutritionnelles sur plus de 2 millions d'aliments. A Californian creation of spiced rum, coconut rum, and orange liqueur. It should not be Total Fat 0g. Captain Morgan Parrot Bay, Coconut Rum, 42 proof, 21% alc, Bacardi Rum, Island Breeze, average all flavors, 36 kcal, 18% alc, Rum, distilled, 100 proof, 50% alcohol and Coke, Rum 25ml (0.83 fl.oz), Coke 150ml (5 fl.oz), Rum, distilled, 94 proof, 47% alcohol and Coke, Rum, distilled, 90 proof, 45% alcohol and Coke, Rum, distilled, 86 proof, 43% alcohol and Coke, Rum, distilled, 80 proof, 40% alcohol and Coke, Rum, distilled, 100 proof, 50% alcohol and Diet Coke, Rum 25ml (0.83 fl.oz),Diet Coke 150ml (5 fl.oz), Rum, distilled, 94 proof, 47% alcohol and Diet Coke, Rum, distilled, 90 proof, 45% alcohol and Diet Coke, Rum, distilled, 86 proof, 43% alcohol and Diet Coke, Rum, distilled, 80 proof, 40% alcohol and Diet Coke. As The Captain likes to remind us, variety is the spice of life. Search drinks 0% Saturated Fat 0g Trans Fat 0g. You should be replacing the calories in alcohol with nutritious food that will will you up. Portion : 1 shot. The molasses is fermented with water and yeast to make it alcoholic and then distilled and matured in charred oak barrels for color and flavor. If you’re trying to figure out whether your go-to drink is healthy, here’s what you need to know about the nutrition, calories and carbs in Captain Morgan rum. © 2020, LLC. Total Carbohydrate 7.8g. Shaking/stirring Fats Sodium The USDA recommends a limit of one drink a day for women and two drinks a day for men. Calories in Alcoholic Beverage, Malibu Coconut Rum (21% Alcohol), Calories in Captain Morgan Parrot Bay Coconut Rum. One of the varieties of Captain Morgan's rum that have a low carbohydrate content is the Lime Bite rum. Daily Goals. None of the flavored or fruity varieties of Captain Morgan have any nutrition either. Most people keep complaining about their increasing fat because of beer consumption. Be the first to know about events, promotions and competitions. The additional calories in this product are from carbs as well as from alcohol, because 90 proof rum also has more pure alcohol than 80 proof alcohol. oz) of Captain Morgan Original Spiced Rum (35% alc.). More Recipes. Captain Morgan Coconut Rum Sweet, delicate and creamy taste of fresh coconut with a background of citrus and tropical fruit balanced with notes of molasses.

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