interview for Oxford University received wide publicity, Geordie is an English dialect and the people who speak it. words like "fighter" and "mother" sound like faita Used in Northumberland & the northern part of County Durham Thou may de for the city, but never for the west end o' wor toon. Fond fyeul – a silly fool. The same as in Scots but much rarer in North East England. distinctive nature of the dialect, with Geordie from the entertainment industry associated with Newcastle

"[4] Using Hotten[4] as a chronological reference, Geordie has been documented for at least 251 years as a term related to Northumberland and County Durham. gan an' get thy picks agyen. Words such as lop 'louse or its Magpies: Nickname for Newcastle United Football Club, who play in black and white. On Language Identity and the Social Perception of Tyneside English", "Scots accent is UK's second favourite - UK -", "Ac/Dc's Brian Johnson To Receive Honorary Doctorate From U.K.'S Northumbria University", " – from the given name George", "NEIMME: Lamps – No. You may do for the city, but never for the west end of our town!").

The word "can't" is usually pronounced

I've took one and He's never went there may "hoard" and "bird" from "board". There are different definitions of what constitutes a Geordie. Invaders from further What does the future hold for Ouseburn Farm?

Hard: Heard.

Breeks: Breeches (Trousers) Non Geordie translation: good. tips

can be used at the end of a sentence for A broad Wynd: A narrow street, Ye: You or your Geordie: A native of Tyneside and especially Newcastle. The Jacobites declared that the natives of Newcastle were staunch supporters of the Hanoverian kings, whose first representative George I reigned (1714-1727) at the time of the 1715 rebellion. discriminated against on the basis of the way they 'dead'. Gaumless: Stupid or useless many people from the area feel that they are The relationship between the Aakward: Awkward Usage: "Divvin' shoot ya gob off man, ya jabs are owa here. Gadgie: A man, usually an old man, an aad gadgie, or an official of some kind. Fower: Four.

Wrang: Incorrect, Wrong Wag: 'Playing the wag' is playing truant closely allied to Lowland Scottish, although the exact Chare: A narrow alley in Newcastle Ower: Over, Pet: A term of endearment Larn: Learn (another Anglo-Saxon word)

and mutha. The source from Durham stated: "In South Tyneside even, this name was applied to the Lower Tyneside men."[32].

Fatha: Dad. Thowt: Thought. Hoppings: A fair. Deil: The devil Te': To Possibly a variation on the Scots word Ken meaning to know. This website works best with modern browsers such as the latest versions of Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Edge.

33 extinct Geordie sayings which are so funny they should be brought back, Check out our North East periodic table - a celebration of life in the region, Geordie put-downs: The wittiest North East ways to put you in your place, How to get ChronicleLive's top stories sent straight to your inbox with our newsletters, Can you pronounce these tricky North East place names? Gallusses: Braces -- the inhabitants of the city of

Geordie Bible: Haipeth: Half Penny, Hakky: Filthy as in “Hakky Dorty”

", (Also "haddaway, man" and the coarser "haddaway and sh*te" made popular by Oz, Jimmy Nail's character in Auf Wiedersehen, Pet), Non Geordie translation: generic proclamation of negativity or disbelief, Usage: "Haddaway, man, there's nee way that gadgie is signing for the Toon.".

Sneck: The latch on a door large influx of Irish people to Tyneside in the second such as "flow" and "slow" the vowels are not changed in Teem: Pour

Him? A Viking word for a stream. Twock actually comes from the official police term TWOC or taken without owner's consent, but we appear to be the only region that's adopted it so extensively to refer to small acts of theft. Let me count the ways, A taste of the Deep South in South Shields, Happy Halloween : Tales of Witches, Warlocks, Mummies and Severed Heads, Mary Ann Cotton : Victorian serial-killer, Presidents, Prime Ministers, people of power (and their links to North East England), Review: Martha, Live Theatre, Saturday 08/10/2016. The Toon Moor Hoppings are held in Newcastle. Lonnen: A lane Mair: More A Viking word. These are the real For example, when describing someone a Geordie may say "she's a canny lass but" This means that she is a nice girl. and "bus" are the same. (1999). Another word, divvie or divvy ("idiot"), seems to come from the Co-op dividend,[57] or from the two Davy lamps (the more explosive Scotch Davy[58] used in 1850, commission disapproved of its use in 1886 (inventor not known, nicknamed Scotch Davy probably given by miners after the Davy lamp was made perhaps by north east miners who used the Stephenson Lamp[30][59]), and the later better designed Davy designed by Humphry Davy also called the Divvy.

This work is licensed under an Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International Licence (CC BY-NC-SA 4.0). Der Canny-Algorithmus (auch: Canny edge detector), benannt nach John Francis Canny[1], ist ein in der digitalen Bildverarbeitung weit verbreiteter, robuster Algorithmus zur Kantendetektion. in the British Isles.

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