and our loyal RootsWeb community. “To love one another is to fulfill all of the commandments”., Midrash Rabbah, Bereshith, Ch. The fact that Cain was religious like his brother Abel reminds us that this tale is still revelant due to the fratricide occuring presently between people of the same race adhering to diverse religious beliefs. People dont even understand this bible at all. So i think we all should just stop deffrents story and live as we are living just followe the commandment of all mighty God. 1:13) Paul in fact warned the congregation in Crete of such stories (Titus 1:14) he told the Cretans to avoid the Jewish Fables. What exactly do you see as different between your “preadamites” and “Adamites?” Homo sapiens sapiens (we humans) have been around for about 100,000 years. My Chinese friend, a civil engineer there who was raised atheist & became an ardent follower of Jesus & Bible student after her wakening experience with Him followed by a vivid dream of Him summoning her to faith, had no problem with this question. That’s two people. a flood of tears over his face, and gathered together his children and his Surely they knew that other groups of people—potential enemies or allies—existed far away, but if they never came into contact with these groups, what did they matter? One can actually answer this question with just a little Bible knowledge. A closer look at one of the most enigmatic women in Genesis. “Rabbi Isaac said: In respect to the soul (neshamah) that He provides, for [the wicked man] goes and clings to the power of the beasts. If a man steals your jacket, give him your shirt, too. She looked rather nonchalant & answered, obviously Cain’s wife came from the people God created in His image in Genesis 1. Adam's firstborn, according to the Bible. well that was a lot of side stepping for a very clear cut passage. That Cain married his sister or a later female descendant of Adam through the marriage of any of Adam’s sons or daughters is viewed by some societies today as unthinkable. read the second book of Adam and Eve chapter 1. Including Cains marriage in a nearby town etc. For Leith’s explanation of the identity of the wife of Cain—one of the often-overlooked women in Genesis—read her full Biblical Views column “Who Did Cain Marry?”. Thanks for bringing up this matter… It has bn given me sleepless night… Just trying to understand it but all proved abortive. Indeed from medieval sources we find that Cain married his sister Calmana and Abel married another sister Delbora (as we are told by several sources very late: Apocalypse of Pseudo-Methodius, Golden Legend by Jacopo da Varazze, Historia Scholastica in Gen 4: 1 (PL 198, 1076) by Peter Comestor, Seder ha-Dorot) exactly as in the Egyptian myth the two brothers Osiris and Seth marry with his two sisters Isis and Nephthys.

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