Let's keep working hard like now to make that faith grow stronger between us. Jürgen Klopp apparently #YouNeverWalkAlone. It made your feel like a fool, and that people could take an easy advantage over you. fc? “Regarding our Dawon, he doesn’t know about the your participation in the program.” This statement gathered tot attention from the documents. Sources? Consisting of … Thank you Sejin-oppa, take care.”. the most beautiful moment of my life is yet to come. “And also her personality..” the first voice kept ramping. (●´・△・`) It seems I am ill-informed, and I would like to ask those who have more knowledge than I do. As you were pressuring your back into one of the walls near the conference from you were just in, you quickly dialed the number of Jungkook, closing your eyes. To actually realized and declaring to whole world that he's indeed used BTS for his greed and ambition rather than playing a God's roles for them just because he has the right after creating this group. But also w/out Bang PD there, along their way to guide the boys, we wont meet todays Bangtan. You can adjust your cookie settings, otherwise we'll assume you're okay to continue. The door that you had just entered in was made out of glass, however it had that plastic over it, that you almost couldn’t see what was behind it, just some shadows. Something that your needed for today, to give you extra confidence. “Good evening?” You politely asked her, catching her attention from the documents behind the oak desk. I think you now have a lot of faith in each other. Sources? It haven’t passed long when you heard some footsteps approaching. ‘Dawon really had interest on you.’ You guessed. It is a pleasure to finally meet you.” He extender his hand towards you. Indeed you were really nervous, and was neing showed in the way that your palms sweated frantically. You were almost ready. “Is there any way that the recording day could be delayed?” You inquired desesperartedly, sitting up straight. You took it without giving it a second thought. “ The man on the line answered joyfully, as you now recognized his voice as the kind older brother that BTS had as a manager. Now, after talking with the manager, you would meet him at your usual spot in your favourite cafe, at nearly midnight, the only hour he would be available, due to his new song promotions. And taking care of BTS, even tho as a fan i know he complains a lot. By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. He was one of the most popular members, if not the most popular member of the enemy band of BTS, JXK. “Sejin-oppa?” You asked, trying that your voice didn’t sound as if you were mad, but it probably did. I will come to retrieve you when the van arrives.” The Manager told you while closing the door behind you., and left. Artists got ‘Married’ in some sort of way, and started living as a married couple. You sighted, walking towards the desk of the receptionist, hearing the sound of your heels into the tile floor. Sejin an bang shi hyuk I love how close they are, I couldn't wish for a better company to support my boys. “How have you been?” “Well, well, Sejin-oppa. But since he openly stated to us, fans, to BTS, about all of this. You smiled her. This question was accompanied by a tickle attack from him towards your body. You had left your mouth hanging open, while staring at him blankly. He was such a jerk! You always teased Jungkook that Dawon was his best friend, as the media ussualy compared them, and made them compete against one another. Your number one Asian entertainment forum, serving the community since 2013. 2012, when we first met. At first it left me with mixed feelings but then I realized it was really honest and brave of him admitting that. It's Sejin. To actually realized and declaring to whole world that he's indeed used BTS for his greed and ambition rather than playing a God's roles for them just because he has the right of creating this group. Your theories about his obligation to the company for your participation were now destroyed, if he wasn’t the one porting this, then who did it?. We've been together since 'Boy in Luv' and I still remember asking what we were eating for lunch, how puzzled and happy you were. another proof of how strong bonding that the boys have w/ each other. Explaining everything as a spider that had an ant on it’s web. I think you can see most of them in the section TV video they did this era. From Sejin", Bang PD (BigHit CEO) + Manager Sejin's handwritten letters to BTS. “. And ah Sejin hyung.. if you remember their BIL showcase, it was my first time seeing him with BTS. “Could you just tell him to stop?” The nonchalantly one told the other voice, you supposed. You patted your cheeks trying to make the heat from the blush fade away, it wasn’t everyday that you received compliments like that, a half smile formed in your face. “Great, okay, so we need you to be kept hidden in one of the silence rooms, as we don’t want you to be discovered by any of the JXF members, they could tell Dawon who his wife is” He told you laughing, as he leaded the way out of the room, and into some corridors. He is also Jimin’s mentor in the Busan academy. I would never make her cry, like the other time I saw her… she was devastated, it almost broke my heart seeing her like that. I think that I would prefer that they pick me up from here, Manager-nim. "Yaaaahhh, it's been a while., once jimin come back, sure thing that we will destroy Korea music industry like we did 3 years ago. Cookies help us deliver our Services. Who would have thought that it would be the same guy that made your heart almost stop working, be found cheating with a girl he barely knew?-, “..Miss Y/L/N?. Miss?” Your head shooted rapidly to the direction of the receptionist. You had thought a lot about the possibility of accepting the offer, it really had more advantages than everything. He did awesome as songwriter, lyricst, and producer some of his work is my favorite. The steps faded away , as your heart began racing impatiently. Quickly, you pressed the third floor button when the elevator had arrived to your call. You started making your way to your taxi cab that was waiting for you in the entrance of your apartment. “Hello?” A different voice from your boyfriend talked from his phone. I bet some fans already knew about that. To feel impressed and unexplainably proud of the attention that you had gathered, even coming to a point that producers wanted you in their reality program, or the fact that the way in which the manager seemed to know everything that you had wondered. Language: I knew him since 2008, my first knowledge of him start far before BTS exists through 8eight. I would be waiting here, making the final adjustments. - they are the 'lost boys' before, and now growing finding their path by their own. Then this manager, Hyunsoo, who performed with Jimin and Kookie Lastly, honorary mention 1, 2, You didn’t want to write this trough a text message, as it wouldn’t create the same impact as it would if Sejin told him. Your thoughts quickly drifted away with anxiety, imagining how would the program would consist in. He positioned in the seat across you, taking some documents from the table. Then, the first meeting would take place during the afternoon, as you know, the filming could take hours.” He explained detailedly, looking profoundly at you. Manager Sejin has been with BTS since pre-debut until now, and fans love him almost as much as the members do. “I am really glad that you accepted my proposal Miss Y/L/N. “Wah, I wish that my supposed wife resembles her personality… she has the best one I have ever meet, plus she is different from the ones we usually meet.”. She indeed erradiated elegance, fitting perfectly with the concept of the company. Please accompany me this way to speak more comfortable.”. You made a good desition Miss.” You heard him say as you exited the room, looking for your phone in your purse.

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