Ever wonder why black powder produces so much smoke when ignited? The consistency of the burn is affected quite a bit by the quality of the charcoal, and even the type of soft wood used to make the charcoal. Now compare all your targets and the one with the best group will show you which material thickness is right for your rifle and that particular size ball. If you don’t eliminate the fliers by sorting them out with the scales, any further load testing is going to be in vain. If you are interested in extending the distance from which you can effectively take game with your muzzleloading rifle or desire to place among the top shooters in muzzleloader shooting matches, continue reading as I explain each of the variables involved and how to go about testing them to find the most accurate load for your rifle. This can make it difficult to find commercially because few retailers are willing to deal with the safety requirements associated with stocking it. A vertical string upwards will show on the target. If you should ever lose that particular powder measure, or wish to make another, you will be able to duplicate it by weighing out that same amount of powder without having to do all that powder charge testing again. Therefore, you made a decision based on faulty information. On the other hand, you will not see shooters at organized competitions loading their rifles in this fashion. I have sent plenty of lead into hillsides, water jugs, and game animals, but it is only recently that I began to wonder about the true power of the cap and ball revolver. I once experimented with a Winchester Model 94 in .32 Special, loading both cast and jacketed bullets with 3Fg Goex blackpowder. Read the label on the bolt, a lot of denim and lately even some ticking contains polyester. Buckmasters entertains and educates deer hunters with current strategies and technology from the most respected experts in the field. The cooling fluids used by machinists to keep the cutting head of their machines from overheating is one of these types of oil. Additionally, it’s very consistent in performance, which really aids accuracy. Set your targets from 25 to 50 yards depending on the size of your target and how precisely you can aim. How in the world did you get a 220 conical compressed over 40g of Pyrodex? Never before, have I seen all calibers compared and my thirst for this knowledge led me here. But only forty years later, percussion revolvers loaded with loose black powder, bullet, and percussion cap much like the muzzleloaders they replaces were themselves superseded by practical cartridge handguns. Perfecting your off-hand shooting skills greatly increases your effective range in the field. Even with hopped-up charges, the 31 rivals the 25 ACP cartridge. For this process to produce results it is imperative that you change only one variable at a time during your testing. Some people just like to use the real thing, especially with older guns or their reproductions. Why is the compressed thickness of this fabric different than that of the other fabric? If you load the ball with the sprue to one side it will wobble and fly outside of the group. This means I will earn a small commission if you make a purchase. The finest is 4Fg, the powder normally used for priming flintlocks. Doing so causes the powder to settle and compact making it near impossible to achieve consistency with the amount of powder in the measure. […], […] The Power of Black Powder Revolvers: Black Powder vs. “Corned” powder refers to mixing it after wetting the ingredients with alcohol(in previous times it used to be stale urine), drying it out, and then rubbing the resulting cakes through whatever mesh stainless steel screen one desires. Of all the black powder substitutes on this list, Blackhorn 209 is the newest kid on the block, but it may well be the best one in current production. Yeah buddy a pistol revolver with .45-70 performance, it says right on the box of pellets( DO NOT DO THIS) do not mix 777 pellets and any other loose powder !!! Some of the things modern hunters assume about real blackpowder simply aren’t true. The only thing you want to change about your load is the patching. John. This boring was first introduced with Colt's Paterson but was revived in the 1851 Navy. @Kenneth and JD, Facinating! Post a new target and increase the powder charge by five grains. Do not weigh out the powder charges on a scale. Each component ground Separately of course. A small miss at close range becomes a huge miss at longer range. The vibrations of the vehicle cause this separation to happen at an accelerated pace. Soak one strip of your best thickness of patching material in this mixture, squeeze the excess out of the fabric back into the jar. Perhaps no one at the time saw any reason to record such mundane activity. Cut some strips out of each sample of fabric and mark them on the end with the measurements. With the action open, the black gunk is easily pushed out of the muzzle with a wet patch wrapped around a bore brush. In any event, those sharp edges will usually smooth out on their own after a hundred or so shots have been fired. That’s why I tend to use Blackhorn 209 these days. However, if you intend hunt or shoot trail walk type of events that require loading from a shooting pouch you may need to accept some amount of compromise between accuracy, ease of loading, and adequate power / velocity necessary to make a humane kill of your game. But I only shoot black powder in cap and ball revolvers, and I can get better performance, and easier availability, by making it myself. It’s also non-corrosive and is by far the cleanest burning black powder substitute. The guns can be extremely accurate. It was probably a no brainer in those days, because Potassium Nitrate crystals grow out of the ground wherever animals in pens pee a lot. Email Me Adjustible powder measure with leveling spout. Produced by blending sulfur, potassium nitrate, and charcoal, shooters and hunters have successfully used black powder for centuries. It can also be used as a patch lubricant until you reach the point of testing the water-soluble oil lube mixture. It also tends to work best with certain primers and breech plugs, so check to see if the manufacturer of your muzzleloader makes a specific “Blackhorn” breech plug (CVA does). Pyrodex P is roughly equivilent to FFFg black powder and is designed for use in muzzleloading rifles and pistols smaller than .45 caliber. There are also variable environmental factors which we cannot control. By isolating and testing each of these variables through a logical, systematic method I discovered loadings that greatly improved the accuracy of every muzzleloading firearm I have owned. The other important function is to act as a seal for the expanding gasses that send the ball on its way to the target. At a certain point the groups will began to open up again and grow larger. For many hunters, especially the traditionalists, true black powder is really the … You can purchase cleaning patches or make your own from cotton flannel fabric and cut it to size with a rotary cutter. Are you resting the barrel in contact with your front rest for some shots and then on the wood of the fore stock for other shots? Thanks Mooman, That's about 2hr's NW from me. The lightest balls of course have the largest air voids. And Pyrodex is indeed harder to ignite. Typically, an eighth of a yard. You may find that your rifle is most accurate with a combination of a smaller ball with a thicker patch or a larger ball with a thinner patch. This is the only video I could find on “corned” powder, which is the proper way to make it. Fortunately, you now have a method to accurately measure the compressed thickness of fabrics and I am going to explain a systematic method to allow you to find the best patching material for your particular rifle. Best Prices, Fast Shipping, Expert Advice! I prefer to run a dry cleaning patch down the barrel and back out only once after each shot. For more detailed information on choosing the right bullets, scope, and muzzleloader, check out these other articles: 13 Of The Best Muzzleloader Bullets For Hunters, 9 Best Muzzleloader Scopes For Hunters In 2020, 9 Of The Best Muzzleloaders For Hunters In 2020, 5 Best Traditional Muzzleloaders For Hunters In 2020, 15 Of The Best Muzzleloader Primers For Igniting Your Powder, Essential Muzzleloader Supplies Every Hunter Needs In 2020, 101 Best Gifts For Hunters To Put On Your Wish List. A patch that is slicker than others because it has more lubricant on it is not going to have the same amount of friction going out of the barrel. Run it through the washing machine first to remove any starch or sizing. In general, the higher the quality of the charcoal, the more accurate the powder will be, and the less fouling is left behind (though blackpowder is never really clean-burning). I have never had good luck with any BP substitutes even in my percussion Hawken.

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