[4] Watch as Brandon, Kelly, Donna, David, Steve, Val and Clare battle natural disasters, confront personal demons and discover that old flames never burn out in all 32 steaming episodes of Season 7. She tries to make amends with Kelly after overhearing her push Brandon to evict her. She develops an instant connection with Kelly, prompting Tracy to bristle. Val tells Brandon that Kelly is hiding the fact that she was accepted to Columbia's graduate school. But when Valerie accidentally finds out that Kenny does not plan on leaving his wife, ever, out of ... Steve declares war by trying to find a date for himself just to make Clare jealous when she starts dating another guy, named Dick Harris, whom he can't stand. Donna becomes stressed out in balancing time with David and studying for her final exams, and has another run-in with her ... Steve becomes depressed and frustrated after his father, Rush, doesn't approve of the quick and easy future Steve has planned on after graduating from C.U. Also, Valerie sees Kenny having lunch with his wife and son and rightfully suspects that he has lied about his marital status. Kelly contacts Joey's mother, and Joey has a happy reunion with his mother and stepfather. Back in Beverly Hills, Steve and Dick team up to market T-shirts for sale at the After Dark's Super Bowl party. She sends Kelly a phony telegram from Dylan asking her to meet him at the airport. Back in Beverly Hills, Lisa Vanderpump … The ladies' hearts are warmed when they visit the SPCA to see the dogs that Lisa Vanderpump has helped rescue. Steve turns down Clare's proposal of an open relationship. Lisa Vanderpump introduces … Error: please try again. Also, Steve impresses Clare with his dedication as he trains for the crew race. Steve catches the guy in the act and learns that he is C.U. The girls discuss the reasons for their personal feud, which supposedly dates back to a time when Kelly interrupted a make-out session between Valerie and Brandon (from the end of Season 5). Meanwhile, Steve's annoying half-brothers, Ryan and Austin, return and learn another hard lesson in finding girls. Bill delivers the shocking news that Driscoll is no longer his employee; he has stolen all of Val's money. He must see a psychiatrist after displaying hostile behavior toward the ER staff. [7] Hadid revealed that she wished could depart the series on higher note, alluding to last years storyline revolving around her health. Val turns her down, claiming that Kenny will be by her side. In the official trailer for the season, it was revealed that former housewives Camille Grammer and Kim Richards would make guest appearances. Also, David tries to plan a special evening for Donna, but his frenzied behavior causes her to fear that he is experiencing more mental problems. "Lisa Vanderpump Shuts Down the Idea of a Brandi Glanville 'Real Housewives' Return: 'Absolutely Not! Valerie finally confronts her mother and tells her the true, long-kept facts behinds her father's suicide which are: her father killing himself on the day Valerie and Tom ... Brandon, Steve and Dick are partnered for a three-man basketball team of CU. 7. Year: Season 7. Erika advises Rinna to come clean with Kyle, but Rinna maintains she's done nothing wrong. Eileen is thrilled when Erika nails her reading at. Donna's request for a permanent restraining order against Slan is denied. Kelly decides to make a fresh start with Val. Tracy makes an overture to Brandon to appear with her on a presidential debate. Kelly must share a shocking secret with Brandon when she thinks that she may be pregnant. Donna decides to stay with David, and encourages Cliff to take a job as head of security at Disneyworld. In Beverly Hills, the relationship between Steve's mother and Clare's father becomes strained during a TV historical awards dinner, when Steve's self-obsessed mother once again lets success go to her head, which also strains the relationship between him and Clare. David refuses to believe that Tom can secure pop singer Donna Lewis (an old friend) for a concert.

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