Make sure you get to pick one that has the best features and performance. Choose a pistol from a recognized manufacturer that is easy to find parts for, easy to find a holster for and comes with a decent warranty. The model is constructed from an alloy with a steel slide as a way of increasing strength, but still, reduce weight. Not a lot can be said, other than a thank you to Glock for starting to make some guns with a single stack magazine. Find the "Goldilocks Gun" that is JUST RIGHT for you. It was cheap, cheap, cheap and it performs so what more can you ask for. I have a Beretta Nano 9mm. All a 9mm will do is make them mad. They will help you easily acquire your target and take the shot. The guide was using a 338 Win Mag, the bear luckily finally dropped 6 yds from them. Check out our top holster picks for all the popular ways to carry. So When Springfield Armory brought out the 9mm XD-E 3.3 a couple of years ago I picked one up. The accuracy is always maintained over different ranges. With most of the parts of the gun built with metal, you will end up with a top quality gun. .. but ready to th job if needed— 6 or more rounds> I hope==. So this whittles the field of pistol candidates down to those that can be effectively concealed. The modern world is overflowing with opportunities and danger. Have you ever tried a revolver? When violence does occur it typically happens fast and is completely unexpected. We go through all the different types of concealed carry methods…and a bunch of our favorite holsters. Take a good look through our list. It is surprisingly compact, light, due to its aluminum frame, and is shaped to fit seamlessly against your waist, making it ideal to carry concealed. (with free state constitutional carry or permit carry of course) an can be had for under $350. For some unknown reason the .38 Super did not catch on in the US but it did catch on elsewhere. Trevor found a love for guns later in life when he bought his first handgun and got his concealed carry permit. It's light weight, very easy to conceal, and it always goes bang when I pull the trigger. Interesting selections. Has there ever been a study done about the history of the actual use of concealed weapons during real events? Laws around concealed carry are different in each state and before you consider carrying you need to become familiar with them and ensure you’re clear on how to comply. Outdated like you said. A single-stack striker-fired pistol that shoots .45 ACP isn’t a new concept. Paid $600. They are usually thinner and smaller than a 9mm subcompact. It’s still a bit “chunky”, as most Glocks are, but this gun can fit in your pockets. Excellent 9mm weapons, smooth, great second shot recovery, and easy to maintain. XDS you never know you're popping off .45 rounds, easily controlled, highly accurate, great out of the box except for grip waffling (simply stipple or a slip-on Hogue, mine is stippled). For many people, this model feels big in their hands even though it is still good as a conceal carry. Springfield Hellcat is far and away the best EDC available today. They all score high on all three counts among shooters and trainers across the country. Deciding to take responsibility for one’s self-protection is a. MICHAEL CRITES is el jefe around here. And, of course, it comes pre-loaded with plenty of pop culture credibility courtesy of everyone’s favorite British secret agent. We may earn a commission when you purchase through one of our links. The Colt Detective Special is almost entirely metal, spare the thin, replaceable handles, which means it weighs a bit more than any synthetic guns. Get a 9mm or .380 that fits your hand and you can conceal in the majority of the clothing wear daily. Better durability is always crucial for such a product. ill stick with my glock 30sf in 45 acp, bigger bullets are always better. As to carry I have 1-2 default carry firearms, but also keep in mind where I am going, how I am dressed and what I will be doing which may impact the decision. Keep it up for 20 or 30 seconds to simulate running. One handgun I'm surprised wasn't on your list and that's the Bersa BPCC 9. At the range with the Springfield XD-S Mod.2. Good concealed carry for the wife and still have a lot of shots, and toughness. Amen! Smith & Wesson makes a lot of revolvers and a lot of them have a .38 Special version. My ccw aren't even on the list. The Sig P239 weighs only 25 ounces, which is roughly 1 and a half pounds. This is because the 9mm has come a long way in the last few years. With a strong construction, the handgun can abuse of firing more rounds at any time. The Shield and Shield 2.0 also come in a variety of calibers, too such as the. The manufacturer made it to have a lightweight aluminum frame. Our testers found the gun accurate at the range up to about 15 yards, which is plenty for concealed carry. i pocket-carry (every day) a Taurus G2c in cargo shorts in the summer and cargo jeans in winter, using a DeSantis Nemisis pocket holster. The model gives you an acceptable accuracy for its size. But none of that takes away in the slightest from the fact that this is a compact, dependable firearm that makes a great concealed carry weapon. Few issues are as contentious in the current political climate as concealed carry. This pistol is a great gun for all kinds of purposes – but it’s engineered to excel at concealed carry use. It’s important that the holster be high quality and facilitate both safe storage and transport of the weapon and that it allows you to deploy your pistol quickly and effectively if need be. Try explaining that to a jury that doesn't understand ballistics, why you shot a guy 7 or 8 times. It’s a decision on which your life may ultimately depend. I was happy to see an honest review done on the Taurus G2C. First up, and our choice for the best overall concealed carry pistol – the Smith & Wesson M&P Shield M2.0 Compact.This pistol is a great gun for all kinds of purposes – but it’s engineered to excel at concealed carry use. A good concealed carry pistol can literally be the difference between life and death. A couple of old sayings I keep in mind when hearing about so-called "Experts" are "An Expert is anyone at least 50 miles from home carrying a briefcase" and "There's 20 years of experience, then there is one year of experience 20 times". American Firearms is reader-supported. I've found the Sig 365 and the MP Shield to be great carry and reliable shooting guns. Ruger knew what it was doing with this gun. The additional weight of the all-steel frame helps with control. Two or Three good quality JHPs in your Center Mass might tend to make you reconsider. First up, and our choice for the best overall concealed carry pistol – the. We begin our list with this compact powerhouse. For many people, they were happy with the gun … The M9A3 holds 10 rounds, plus 1, giving you a huge advantage even in the most dangerous situations. And it’s less expensive. The Detective Special holds 6 shots and is available in several .38 calibers, although there is also a .32 version for those who may prefer the somewhat obscure caliber. Those variables include: Size – It would be nice to be able to pull a .44 magnum from under your jacket in a self defense situation. You should base your choice on your personal preferences and needs. I got to shoot one of these and it was smooth for a compact 45.

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