User: Do you know Majora's mask?

He is killed by The Jailer, and control is passed over to another person, named Sarah. . Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. If that didn’t exist, would that have ever happened? Creepypasta Biographies Wiki is a FANDOM Lifestyle Community. Addressing the follower, dubbed "The Second Player" (alternatively "The Main Character", or simply "The MC"), Jadus claims a partial cause of this collapse as being a mysterious ailment known as "HEROES", of which they are a survivor, alongside their occupational partner Denton.|Material+Icons&display=swap,//,//,//, BEN Drowned: Elegy of Emptiness Statue Minecraft Skin, boundary between day and night - yukari yakumo, touhou.

" You shouldn't have done that. After the first reset, users figured out the system of using songs to affect events involving the Moon Children, which BEN confirmed. "Hey," he said, the one word drawn out.

The Link Statue, which can be obtained normally in Majora's Mask is commonly known as "Ben" because of its use in the creepypasta. At the end of the video after the hint, it says "See you for Episode 4!" In response, she gives him the Pendant of Memories, and Circle explains that the inhabitants of World Alpha are just scared, and only want to live. you’re gonna get more scared when you fucking blink. BEN is a pure sadist, he toys with Jadusable throughout his dreams and his gameplay, BEN is also a master manipulator, being able to manipulate thousands of people into downloading the file that contained him, allowing him to spread to the internet and gain total omnipotence of Cleverbot.


Search Planet Minecraft.

No, more than that; he was outraged, livid, burning with distaste for the young woman he grudgingly adored. Ben breathed and went to work taking of his shirt until you both were alerted by the jimmying of the lock that your time was up.

The Elegy of Emptiness Statue (Ben Drowned's in-game form) face looks similar to the face of the Happy Mask Salesman. It features possessed statue, Ben Drowned, rapping against the sculpture, SCP-173.

This first arc came to be known as The Haunted Cartridge.

It's unknown what BEN looked like before he drowned, although most assume he had a striking resemblance to Link. The same video at the end shows a link to a new site called the Eternity Project, a web page established by those who belong to a group of people called The Family with the purpose of achieving ascension to escape the world ending event due to happen in 2020.

It was then unheard from until Ryukaki began uploading videos.

I AM SO GONNA KILL YOU BEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ifrit then contacts her saying she must collect 3 hearts to free the souls trapped within the cartridge. She continues onwards, finding a second Moon Child's heart and encountering another NPC who "knows exactly who he is" and thinks of Sarah as a monster, due to all the souls contained in the mask making her seem like a monster consuming them. -21.-you answered, looking at the keys. The player will also die instantly upon making contact with BEN, but will not be effected at all by simply standing close to him.

E. DAMAGE. Tools PMCSkin3D Banners . Also, do you mean you stayed up all night?!

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