The PVA offensive had slowed by this time and the Chinese were organizing the defense of the terrain they had taken and replacing the heavy casualties they had suffered in breaking through the ROK positions. The operations along the front during the last week of the Korean War subsided again to small-scale probes and patrols, as each side now anticipated that the Korean Armistice Agreement soon would be signed. However, fighting in the area did not stop until July 27 that same year when the Korean Armistice Agreement was signed, thus ending the battle and the war. The next morning the Chinese continued the offensive, employing several companies to sustain pressure against the 21st Regiment. The increase in the tempo of artillery and mortar fire on 13 July corroborated earlier intelligence reports from prisoners, deserters, agents and reconnaissance that the PVA were about to launch a major drive aimed primarily at ROK units on the central front. Definitions of Battle of Kumsong, synonyms, antonyms, derivatives of Battle of Kumsong, analogical dictionary of Battle of Kumsong (English) X Corps artillery and Fifth Air Force close air support were concentrated on the PVA units facing the ROK 5th Division, while the ROK 7th readjusted its front-line positions to tie in with the new ones established by the ROK 5th. In the meantime the ROK 7th Division had taken over the ROK 20th Division's positions on the right flank of the ROK 5th Division.

This would be the last large-scale offensive the Chinese would ever commence in the war. The Battle of Kumsong, also known as the Jincheng Campaign (Chinese: 金城战役; pinyin: JÄ«n Chéng Zhàn Yì), was one of the last battles of the Korean War. The intensity and determination of the Chinese offensive impressed Generals Clark and Taylor to the point that they decided to fly reinforcements from Japan to Korea to bolster the front. These were carried by "Spirited Kids" in the 2019 Spirit of '45 Memorial Day March of Heroes" that paid tribute to the thousands who gave their lives to the cause of freedom during the liberation of Europe. Chinese advances permitting them to control an area of 192.6 square kilometers. ROK II Corps quickly released the 22nd Regiment of the ROK 3rd Division to the operational control of the ROK 5th Division to redress the PVA inroads on 11 June. On 10 July the ROK 20th Division relieved the U.S. 40th Infantry Division in the Heartbreak Ridge area and the 40th Division displaced west to strengthen the right flank of the 45th Division. Later the same day, however, the salient was completely destroyed,[9] along with the elite "White Tiger" regiment of the ROK Capital Division, and thousands of American and South Korean soldiers were taken prisoner. Korea, the Land of the Morning Calm. By the morning of 14 July the pattern of the PVA attack had developed as they increased the pressure on the ROK 3rd Division. Against variable PVA opposition they edged forward toward the Kumsong River east of Kumhwa. [9]:475–6, On 16 July ROK II Corps received orders to counterattack and restore the Kumsong River line.
They also attacked the ROK 5th and 7th Divisions to keep them occupied while the main assault was in progress.

The PVA pressed on and managed to penetrate the ROK 7th's positions on Hill 938 just northwest of Hill 1220. In the Sniper Ridge sector, long a bone of contention, ROK forces had to pull back to avoid being cut off. Battalion and two-battalion attacks accompanied by heavy artillery and mortar support broke through the ROK 3rd Division's outpost system and drove into the main line positions. The ROK 11th, 8th and 5th Divisions, attacking abreast, launched the counteroffensive the same day. This page was last modified on 19 January 2016, at 22:32. [9]:467–8, The action tapered off during the next few days. During the next two days, the PVA launched several minor assaults on the ROK 20th and 8th Divisions, effecting slight penetrations. On the other flank of the 5th, the ROK 8th Division also had to retreat over 1 mile (1.6 km) to tie in its main line of resistance with its sister division on 15 June. Thanks to Walgreens for contributing over 300 posters honoring the fallen at Normandy. Facing the ROK forces were three PVA armies. The Chinese this time failed to reorganize their attacking force quickly enough. Battle. Since lateral roads were scarce, twelve H-19 helicopters were allocated to help out and they lifted a quarter of a million pounds of material forward to the front.

Elements of the ROK 35th Regiment counterattacked to recapture Hill 973, but were only partially successful. Two PVA companies then hit the main line positions of the 1st Battalion and forced it to pull back. The ROK 6th Division was also withdrawn from the line and, along with the ROK 3rd Division, was reorganized and reconstituted.

In July 1953, after the Republic of Korea refused to participate in peace negotiations, Chinese forces launched an attack on the Kumsong River Salient at the south of the town of Kumsong, scoring a victory over the UNC forces.

Early on 11 July, two ROK companies, in a fight lasting almost three hours, forced the PVA to pull back. On the right flank of the ROK 5th Division, the ROK 20th Division of U.S. X Corps, guarding the sector known as Christmas Hill, 4 miles (6.4 km) southeast of Hill 882, had also been subjected to attack. You could also do it yourself at any point in time.

But, appearances can be deceiving. The reasons behind this pressure were difficult to fathom, since all of the threatened points fell in the demilitarized zone and would have to be abandoned by the UNC forces anyway.

Two battalions of the ROK 10th Regiment moved up to counterattack early on the morning of 13 June, but were unable to restore the original line. The PVA held the hill with a small force and permitted the ROK troops to move in, then directed heavy artillery and mortar fire on the area and counterattacked in mass. Further action to regain the position was suspended as the gravity of the situation on the ROK 5th Division front increased. [9], For the first ten days of June the PVA/KPA had been deceptively quiet on the central front. This action caused an outrage among the Chinese and North Korean commands and threatened to derail the ongoing negotiations. There were 26 assaults on an 18-mile sector, along that part of the front that bulged north through the old Iron Triangle and passed just below Kumsong. The latter became responsible for a smaller segment of the front and was placed under ROK II Corps. After concentrating overwhelming strength in the Kumsong sector, the Chinese forces launched an offensive along a 22-kilometer front which broke the UNC defenses in the Kumsong River salient located north of the river. After concentrating overwhelming strength in the Kumsong sector, the Chinese forces launched an offensive along a 22-kilometer front which broke the UNC defenses in the Kumsong River salient located north of the river. By 18 June the situation began to stabilize and the Eighth Army had an opportunity to survey the damage of the nine-day offensive. ROK President Syngman Rhee, who refused to sign the armistice, released 27,000 North Korean prisoners.

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