Ottawa County just west of Grand Rapids reported 40 new cases Monday, which was double its seven-day average of 19 cases a day. Macomb County in metro Detroit recorded the most new cases in the state Friday, with 161 cases of the 762 reported cases statewide. The guidelines for testing are very assinine. Overall there have been 113,863 confirmed coronavirus cases and 11,879 probable cases. Over the last two weeks Michigan has averaged more than 28,000 tests a day, on pace for over 800,000 a month, well above the threshold considered necessary to spot outbreaks. That number may be contributing to problems with analyzing the drop in the unemployment rate. Since July 11, all seven-day averages have surpassed 500. For the first time since late April, the state reported more than 1,300 new confirmed cases of the coronavirus in Michigan. FEMA has made six weeks of payments available, according to the state, but Michigan had to re-apply for the second three weeks of additional benefits. Many of those affected said they attended high school graduation parties and prom-like events in July, prompting a joint message Tuesday from health leaders in Oakland, Livingston and Genesee counties. The actual diagnostic test was shipped on May 1, 2009. I'm in the 20% group susceptible to serious complications. Those numbers do not include Michigan residents who seek treatment at nearby Wisconsin facilities. The district said all cases were contracted outside of the school environment. Gretchen Whitmer has vetoed a Republican bill that would have prohibited COVID-19 patients from being moved into nursing homes and established COVID-only facilities. The death figures were the highest since June. — Mike Wilkinson. Results from nearly 24,000 tests showed 3.6 percent were positive, a slight increase from recent days. There are 715 hospital beds in the region. Although the populations are small in these counties, the case counts have been high: 30 new cases in Houghton County reported Wednesday, 27 in Delta and 19 in Iron County reported Wednesday. “We attribute this to the fleece, the textile, breaking up those big particles into many little particles. Gretchen Whitmer's pandemic response policies and the first Republican member of the Michigan Legislature to announce he has tested positive for COVID-19. There were 19 new deaths reported, 11 of which were prior deaths that authorities now believe were caused by COVID-19. Among Michigan colleges, the most cases connected to new or ongoing outbreaks is 1,420 at Michigan State University; 879 at Grand Valley State University; 535 at the University of Michigan; 323 at Central Michigan University; and 251 at Adrian College. The positive test rate, which had been at roughly 3 percent for over three months, has slowly inched up, indicating wider spread of coronavirus and increased numbers of cases are being reported across much of the state, from west and southwest Michigan to the Upper Peninsula and, increasingly in the most populous part of the state, metro Detroit. The advisory is set to begin at 6 p.m. and run through Monday, Nov. 2 at 6 a.m. – City News Service, San Diego County Reports 430 COVID-19 Cases, One Death Friday. Hands must be washed or at least don't touch anywhere above the neck except with a knuckle. Restaurants were closed by executive order on March 16. The state’s goal had been 3 percent, where it was for much of the past four months. Michigan recorded another 929 confirmed coronavirus cases on Friday, the second straight day it exceeded 900. Gretchen Whitmer called Friday for “real-time” release of information about coronavirus outbreaks at Michigan schools to inform parents and communities. Of the 10,456 tests reported Tuesday, 3% returned positive, bringing the 14-day rolling average percentage of positive cases to 2.7%. The state’s hospitals are treating 1,000 more COVID-19 patients than they were just over two weeks ago. Thank you you forum this forum and the information shared, Am recommendation Dr Obodo for spell to get back lover because kumar just came to meet .. for help ,you reach Doc at { templeofanswer @hotmail . Note: As of 4 p.m. on Aug. 20, some of the state data had been delayed by technical difficulty and not all graphics have been updated. One new community outbreak was confirmed Friday in a restaurant. For the state, the rate is just below eight cases a day for every 100,000. He should be listening to opposing opinions; that's what makes our country GREAT. In a two-page letter to the state Senate, Whitmer argued the bill, introduced by Sen. Peter Lucido, R-Shelby Township,  failed to protect Michigan seniors and their families. This is a slight decrease in the upward trend of the seven-day averages for the past month. They were allowed to reopen at reduced capacity by early June, but many still struggle amid operating losses and customer concerns about virus spread. — Paula Gardner. COVID-19 hospitalizations rose across much of Michigan over the past week, with the number nearly quintupling in the Upper Peninsula and increasing by over 60 percent in eastern Michigan. Two new community outbreaks were confirmed Tuesday, one in a day care and one in a business. —, Positive test rate falls but hospitalizations rise, The 22 deaths included an earlier death now ascribed to COVID-19. School outbreaks jump; hospitalizations, ER cases rise. When will Bridge and other MSM report on the massive number of those who recover instead of the constant fear mongering? The county didn't record any deaths related to COVID-19 on Monday, and the death toll remains at 870. However, the numbers released Sunday show 156 fewer cases in Muskegon County from the day before, and 11 fewer in Luce County. In July and August, there were 550 deaths. NOTE: MDHHS recently announced it would stop reporting COVID-19 updates on Sunday for the foreseeable future. Post a link. Have the thousands of hospItal workers laid off during the “pandemic” returned to a work? Michigan is now seeing record case levels like its neighbors. Trump, who tested positive for COVID-19 two weeks ago, is back “out on the campaign trail” and doing well, Pence said.

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