Face masks coverings are an effective way of mitigating... Selpic Inc, a leading company focusing on digital printing solutions, has been developing innovative printing technologies since its foundation. You can tackle hills with ease and get to your destination in record time, all without breaking a sweat. This e-bike will garner a lot of attention, it’s fun and it will make you smile. The most requested stretch goal so far. View All 20 inch fat tires Electric Bikes, View All 26-inch fat tires Electric Bikes. Its unparalleled aesthetic and innovative design make for one smooth ride. Babymaker Electric Bike. The Babymaker e-bike is currently at the crowdfunding stage. Want to take a Babymaker for a spin or check out our other models? Unlike other electric bikes that incorporate countless redundant features, the Babymaker thrives on simplicity. There are videos of every single step of the manufacturing and delivery of the bikes ordered. Just press the button below to chat with an eBike specialist. ​You can see from our original campaign in 2016 that we raised $1.7M on Indiegogo (+400K on our site) and got straight to work. has a variety of customizable options, so you can really make it your own. Turn heads and crush any hill in style. Motors up to 250w nominal power are legal in most countries. And there are 5 levels of pedal assist in order to help you reach speeds of up to 28 mph. They have 12 various kinds of electric bikes. Recently, this campaign is launch on Indiegogo. *Update: as Ktache mentions in the comments, FLX will be shipping a version with a 250 watt motor for UK and European customers to make it street-legal... our apologies for omitting this info in the first instance! Hela- A Wearable Sweat Glucose Smartwatc.. CTRL - Hyper-Personalized Golf Training .. TikTrak- APP Free Selfie Auto Tracking P.. Look for this item in the perks section and show your Babymaker spirit! Although these are available with dependable c-brakes and a smooth fixed gear chain drive. We use bike frames as examples in many of our classes. These electric bikes can assist to carry freight around community, commute to function, exercising or simply plain easy fun riding around town. The rider can choose to have a pedal-assist or pick the option to stroll aid setting. Ecotric bikes can rise 23 miles per hour. In Summary: The production Babymaker has a 700x28C tire. The Standard and Pro differ in drive systems and brakes options, while your choice of bullhorn or drop bars will determine their positioning. We'll be tuning the 250W version for max performance - you will be hard pressed to notice any difference in performance. Let’s be honest. The Babymaker boasts an innovative design accompanied by unparalleled aesthetics. This means that all production Babymakers will get a firmware upgrade. They can easily reach more range with an electric bike. Although, it boasts a fresh take on electric bike design maintaining the elegance of a road bike while incorporating innovative technologies. The bike has the look, feel, and weight of a classic bike, and there’s hardly a better bike that can do a better job of turning heads everywhere you go. With just 2 hours of charging, you can ride up to 50 miles with pedal assist. However, The Babymaker offers six fearlessly bold colors that are sure to turn heads even as you’re cruising by at 25mph. You can likewise fund the Ecotric electric bike. 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