There’s a lot to love here, mainly the banter between the sinister, omnipresent voice that represents the Broodwich and the Aqua Teens. Season 11’s “Sweet C” (where Carl is shrunken down and convinces a bunch of bees to work for him) almost made the list, but “Storage Zeebles” uses the same basic premise and does it way better. The Aqua Teens appear to have a zest for discussing old times, including Shake and Meatwad completely coexisting and being friendly with each other (“So what’s up with you? Meanwhile, the brief instant where Andrew WK kicks the cancer-ridden Frylock in the face before rocking out does not get enough love. There’s a billboard for a gun store that looks like it has Jesus’ face on it.

Frylock’s breakdown from his actions is entertaining enough, but the reason this episode is so memorable is the stupid, stupid scene where the zombie versions of Shake, Meatwad, and Carl argue with Frylock over whether or not he killed them or not (“You so freakin’ did!”). While I like the Cybernetic Ghost character, the whole backstory gag with the different art style kind of wears thin on me and isn’t all that funny outside of people calling him out. Out of the three Aqua Teens, Carl seems to like Frylock the most. TV shows tend to occasionally have episodes about contests where the last person to keep their hand on a car wins it. See his list of deaths.

Carl has some kind of bloodthirsty swamp monster living in his pool and he keeps trying to feed people to it while showing that he’s genuinely afraid of what’s in there. The other walls appear to have been sloppily painted purple, with drips of purple paint visible along the edges of the stained carpet. It wasn’t until many rewatches later that I realized that they unnecessarily shaved his entire body rather than just his head. It’s all about the Plutonians, off doing their own thing by trying to steal cable and legally get away with ripping off Stargate…all while being paranoid from being high on weed.

The second half of the episode is kind of lame and doesn’t really make much sense, as why would anyone want Shake resurrected?

If Shake realizes that something’s up with the free brain surgery, how did it even happen? He is unable to attract customers, so with Shake's help, they get Carl to take his car in.

The impact of this is accentuated by the lack of any really strong episodes that would stand out as the best of the show as a whole; although there are plenty that are pretty solid. What follows is nothing but stupid/wonderful jokes existing for the sake of saying “dick” an extra lot and separate, clever jokes about the situation. Then Frylock and Carl begin warring over the affections of Gerald’s nasty mother Darlean. The episode before this one, “Hoppy Bunny,” is completely all over the place and it briefly plays with the idea of Shake stealing Frylock’s powers. Aside from drinking and hookers, Carl is extremely fond of sports and has a strong, almost fanatic loyalty to New York sports teams such as the Giants and the Yankees. Oglethorpe’s constant incompetence in the name of unnecessary supervillainy, the “happy birthday” button that they inexplicably have on their ship, Shake’s matter-of-fact claim that Frylock “doesn’t own space,” and every little thing relating to Oglethorpe’s obsession with melting people. We’ve had ten seasons of Shake being a pretty basic asshole, but this installment cuts him down to his core. Do you think I ranked some too high or too low?

What really makes it is the one leprechaun blatantly voiced by the guy who played Brak on Space Ghost, who gets really defensive about not being Irish and randomly brings up how he’s half-Korean. What makes this classic is the second half, where it suddenly becomes a Hanna-Barbera production with nearly everyone having cartoon stubble. Gets electric chaired several times, four times on-screen. Fast food has never been the same since Aqua Teen Hunger Force left the air. Oh, and Master Shake eats a penis. example of this season being poor; it is a terrible 10 minutes with humor so basic and so uninspired that it was almost painful to watch – and I say this as someone who has enjoyed the majority of the previous seasons of ATHF.Unfortunately it is not alone because there are several episodes in this very short season which really do not work and are based on terrible ideas.

The ending is so good because it goes too fast for you to really notice how none of it makes any sense. Cripes…. This episode is so delightfully mean. It’s completely batshit, yet makes sense with its own febrile logic. You can have things happen just because, but it’s more rewarding to give us an actual explanation. He gives the (as yet untested) toilet to Carl, and leaves it in Carl's front yard.

His attempts to make The Drizzle a household name do more damage than anything else and all come to a head with a final moment where his whole world has essentially collapsed upon itself and he finally realizes it. In early episodes, it has been shown that Carl dislikes physical contact with Meatwad because of the mess it leaves on both him and his home. blowing up ducks at the lake). He is unable to attract customers, so with Shake's help, they get Carl to take his car in. That, and Carl doing finger guns in place of dancing. At various points he is shown to be selling counterfeit sports and music merchandise, which may account for some of his income. There’s a lot of talk about television standards and practices, which means they have to describe Jesus as “Gee Whiz” and explain that he’s the guy who looks like Ted Nugent. Now that that’s done with, I’m ranking my favorite 50. Carl does not appear in the following episodes: Shredded alive by Frylock's environmentally friendly toilet. Frylock does some freelance science work and it turns out that his benefactor “Radolf” is in fact Adolf Hitler, who has been reborn as a balloon. As Frylock admits that the story kind of wrote itself into a corner, we’re treated to a very random, yet very hilarious, final scene that wraps everything up.

The real Carl is disgusted with how square his healthy, Christian, happily married self is and is inexplicably able to communicate with him. Meanwhile Ezekiel is a good episode because it shows off Shake's character really well.

EP 13 Dumber Dolls. The brains wreck his car, gas him, and remove his brain. Gets his head ripped off while tied to a tree. The symbiotic curse of the wig gets more ridiculous by the minute and we’re left with one of the most memorable episode endings where we get to see the Aqua Teens decades into the future…where there’s a zombie apocalypse for no real reason. Two floating brains (calling themselves Carl) hire Meatwad to advertise their dilapidated car wash. His nightstand features a lamp in the shape of a woman in a one-piece bathing suit, a large bottle of lotion and a roll of paper towels (for obvious reasons). It is made perfectly clear that Carl likes Shake the least out of all three Aqua Teens. It’s 95% Shake setting himself up and 5% Shake being knocked the hell down.

That’s why this episode works. Pages about these characters are generally one or two paragraphs long. Carl talks to her bluntly about his diarrhea and has stains from it on his shirt and she still doesn’t bat an eye. Aqua Teen Cancelation Promo: Has his upper-body explode. Led Zeppelin's "The Ocean" was sung a capella and air-performed (complete with a sloppy air drum solo) by a drunken Carl in an effort to impress the Sirens enough to let him and John Kruk have sex with them. They fight at first, but are later shown hanging out together. Then they got renewed for another season, so that wasn’t happening. No time to think about any of that! The final few minutes, where we discover the monster’s true nature, are some of the funniest minutes in the show’s history. Escalation can be everything at times and that’s what makes “eDork” a classic. The Plutonians’ first appearance is also their best.

Carl Brutananadilewskiis one of the four protagonists in Aqua Teen Hunger Force, alongside Master Shake, Frylock, and Meatwad. When he gets here, we melt him…and laugh…on into the night!”. Honestly, nearly everything involving the Aqua Teens is relatively forgettable in this episode.

This gives us one of the best Plutonian moments where Major Shake talks to them on a video conference and the two dopes don’t seem to notice that Frylock is hovering around in the background, glaring at them, until well after the transmission is over and they start freaking out. In the episode, Intervention, Frylock bails Carl out of jail for D.U.I and since he got the tube, he will try to use Frylock to fly him to Melonshakers, but Frylock refused to because of Carl's irresponsible behavior. That, and the part where Meatwad claims his water broke has some amazing comedic timing.

Rather than just ignoring it, they did an episode about the Aqua Teens actually moving away…two houses down…on the other side of Carl’s place. Dies twice when his life support is cut off by Frylock. Looking for something to watch? Frylock tells Carl that the toilet has an infrared privacy screen. The three sit back in their house and talk about old times. The moment they finally acknowledge the dummy as a threat, things pick up and go to some amazing places. He also appeared with Meatwad to promote. Then the episode gets really weird in the last couple minutes because it’s freakin’ Aqua Teen Hunger Force. DuckTales Season 3 Episode 14 Review: The Split Sword of Swanstantine! Ignignokt and Err show up to live with the Aqua Teens after Shake rents out Meatwad’s room. One Halloween, the Aqua Teens find out that there’s some kind of spider onion creature named Willie Nelson living in their attic. In Freda, Carl shows that as much as he loves sex, he's not willing to kill Shake with a shotgun for it.

Almost Every Episode Now Available on HBO Max! Carl also easily overpowered Frylock in "Bart Oates" and Shake in "The Meat Zone". Carl's only known friends and associates other than the Aqua Teens include Terry, an old friend (cousin in "Laser Lenses") who is an ex-con who now does illegal plastic surgery in a van and an auto repair garage down by the docks, Vishal, his insurance agent, and former classmates Donna Bryson and Denise Zambrano (neither of which can actually remember his name when he calls at 2am to sexually harass them). (22 Dec 2006). Carl, interested in using the phones to watch endless bestiality porn, joins in with Shake as their obsession goes out of control. In the first two seasons, Carl usually gets annoyed by Frylock's because of the weird things going on. Seeing Meatwad finally turn the tables on Shake is fantastic, especially with how Shake can’t even give into his demands because he literally can’t understand them. “Last One Forever and Ever” never lived up to the potential of making the characters live action, even if its version of Carl was on point. Meatwad visits it and becomes pregnant through what appears to be divine intervention. Shake sells Meatwad to the local circus freak show, unaware that it’s run by a creature who is secretly disgraced alien royalty. As a … Add the first question. The fact that Meatwad is able to become an expert at it to the point that he’s beloved by the mob and Carl is his right-hand man only enhances how screwed up Shake is in all of this.

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