In December it was revealed that Annette had a secret daughter named Bree (Rachel Blampied), whom she had adopted out at birth so as to stay with her husband Grant (Alan Lovell). In 2011 Brooke was driven to a bach where Annette was staying by Winston Youn (Min Kim) and Annette apologized hugely for her behaviour and admitted Winston was Brooke's childhood maid's son. He returned months later as a doctor at Sarah's (Amanda Billing) GP clinic. Annette Freeman (previously Marsden) was Brooke's (Beth Allen) alcoholic mother. Zoe Archer was the dietitian love interest for Chris Warner (Michael Galvin), who debuted in April 2010 as part of deaf awareness week. She arrived to the hospital in September 2010 after getting dropped from beauty school and quickly became a receptionist. In August, Penny kidnapped Scotty and revealed that he may have killed her father in East Timor during army service.

Wendy Cooper was the low income earner, matriarch of the Cooper family.

At Phoenix's 16th party, Jasmine had a heart attack and after narrowly surviving, she was diagnosed with Long QT syndrome. The following is a list of characters that first appeared in the New Zealand soap opera Shortland Street in 2010, by order of first appearance. Cecile Worthington (née Cartier) was the hugely rich mother of Isaac (Matt Minto).

Dr. Jennifer Mason was new surgeon hired by Chris Warner (Michael Galvin) who caused friction between him and Rachel McKenna (Angela Bloomfield). She then contracted yellow fever after her expedition in Columbia, but was saved by George Kirkwood, a medical school graduate with experience in infectious disease clinics in London. However the affair was short lived and in December Murray and Wendy reconciled only for Murray to narrowly avoid death after being run down by a car. She started to clash with Tracey over the organisation of the wedding and insisted Scotty leave her. Brodie arrived in March and proved poor for Hunter's relationship with Tracey (Sarah Thomson) when he burnt his arm seriously and asked her to steal equipment to heal it. Cecile arrived to inform Isaac that she and her husband Desmond had adopted a child named Joseph. In 2012 Vasa had a brief but controversial affair with Zac Smith (Mike Edward) that lead to isolation from her peers. Ula's baby was adopted out and she dated her foster brother Jared Afeaki (Beulah Koale) for several months.
Though at first wanting to keep the baby, Loren was talked around by Sarah and ended up having an abortion before she fled the country. Anita Goodall was the controlling younger sister of Ben Goodall (Shaun Edwards-Brown). The two did eventually become sexually active and Loren fell pregnant after a condom mishap. Vasa bought a house in Auckland so Ula could continue seeing her "dad".
Disgusted at Bree, Annette ended up being kicked out by Brooke for her treatment of her daughter. Doug soon started to date Tania Jeffries (Faye Smythe), but it was clear he was hiding something and Doug finally admitted to Tracey he had fallen in with gangs and was illegally sabotaging their crime scenes. Brodie arrived in March and proved poor for Hunter's relationship with Tracey (Sarah Thomson) when he burnt his arm seriously and asked her to steal equipment to heal it. "Shortland Street star Matt Chamberlain is flying high",, Short description with empty Wikidata description, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, Co-Owner of The I.V. He failed and confessed to his friend Isaac (Matt Minto) that he was in deep with Russian gangs over illegal operations. Vasa Levi first appeared in several guest stints in 2010 and 2011 before becoming a regular character in August 2011. Jasmine fell in love with Colombian exchange student Angel Souza (Jesse-James Rehu Pickery) and converted to Catholicism to stay with him. Kieran paid Jane to leave but she returned several weeks later and attempted to blackmail him into leaving with her. Ankit made his debut in tv serial with Jodha Akbar in the year 2013 along with Paridhi Sharma and Rajat Tokas.

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