Credit...Alana Holmberg for The New York Times. When Prajwal is not busy watching football, reading, or writing, he can be found laughing at memes, watching comedy specials, and taking naps. For Pedersen, this is the crux of the character, making the successful Jay Swan franchise — which includes the award-winning TV show “Mystery Road” — about a lot more than cuffing bad guys and riding off into the sunset. Actor Aaron Pedersen could never explain the bond between him and his brother, Vinnie, without talking about their terrible childhood. Pedersen realized early on that he would have to look after his young brother Vinnie, who has cerebral palsy and mild intellectual disabilities. “He reached out to me, and I looked across thinking, ‘OK, here we go, this is for life and there’s nothing I can do about it.’ And why would I?”, The 2006 documentary “My Brother Vinnie,” which Pedersen wrote, is an affecting portrait of their relationship, and the brothers remain bonded. (Photo: Aussie Celebs). Australian actor Aaron Pedersen (left) with partner Sarah Bond (right), and brother Vinnie Pedersen (middle). But his Jay character, which first appeared in Ivan Sen’s 2013 film “Mystery Road,” was a major step. And, it would have been easy for a 13-year-old to take care of his brother if things weren’t complicated. Whatever happens, happens. But few would know that he's also been a carer for many years for his brother Vinnie who suffers from cerebral palsy as well as other conditions. “Ivan wrote it with me in mind,” said Pedersen, who at the time had known Sen for many years. I thought, 'This is your voice, mate. “Jay is mistrusted by the white community,” one of the show’s producers, Greer Simpkin, said in a separate Zoom interview. He was more articulate about it because I didn't want to say anything about it. "At La Perouse, we don't seem to have the amount of social issues other Aboriginal communities have," Longbottom says. “He has access to the Aboriginal community, but they don’t trust him because he represents white justice.”. When she died in 1997, Pedersen, then 27, put up his hand to become his brother's full-time carer. Yet there is an important difference between him and the law-enforcing gunslingers of yore: Jay, like the man who portrays him, Aaron Pedersen, is an Aboriginal Australian — still a rarity in leading roles in a country wrestling with its history of violence against Indigenous populations. Talking about partner Sarah Bond support he said; Adding to the complications, an archaeologist (Sofia Helin, from the Danish-Swedish version of “The Bridge”) digs up as much strife as she does ancient artifacts. Dispatched to investigate, Jay quickly uncovers, as usual, a thorny mess. Pedersen (pictured with Jada Alberts in a scene from Season 2 of “Mystery Road”) had a tough upbringing, bouncing around foster homes with his siblings before he began landing TV roles in the early ’90s.

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