$('body').addClass('cartsync-mm-open'); The Bushnell Banner 6-24×50 only has 36 MOA of adjustment, so you may run run out of elevation just zeroing the scope at closer ranges. Most of the loads below are similar to popular factory loads for the selected cartridges. Just wanted to thank you for this post. The Bullet Ballistic Coefficient for CCI Stinger Ammo is .084 compared to the BC of the Remington Golden Bullet of .125. ; inches = "; MPBR = Maximum Point Blank Range; BT = Ballistic Tip; FP = Flat Point, HP = Hollow Point; RN = Round Nose; Sp = Spitzer; SP = Spire Point; SSp = Semi-Spitzer. The Remington Golden Bullet 36 gr has less drag than the CCI Stinger Ammo. To make it as accurate as possible, it is important that you input the most accurate information that represents shooting conditions, your firearm, and cartridge. EGW sells a ton of canted bases for a variety of rimfire rifles. This makes it easy to hit a target the size of a tennis ball or a squirrel out to 67 yards simply by placing the red-dot where you want to hit and then applying the seven principles of marksmanship. The chart above (click on it to enlarge) assumes that you are using an optic with a 1.5″ height over bore, such as the Bushnell TRS-25 red-dot (notice that the bullet leave the barrel 1.5″ below line of sight). }); 22LR Muzzle Energy: 22lr muzzle energy is measured in foot pounds to determine the destructive potential of the bullet. Like the Federal ammunition, with the 20-yard zero you can expect hits within a 1″ circle of your point of aim from the 12 yards all the way out to 67 yards without having to worry about adding any holdover to your aim. Looking at the data of the 30-yard zero we see that the round barely clears the point-of-aim between 30-45 yards, and then rapidly falls and impacts 5.79″ below point-of-aim at 100 yards. There is such a thing as “too much of a good thing” with canted bases as you may cant so much that you can’t use your scope at close distance. The bullet weight of CCI Stinger Ammunition is 32 grains; therefore its bullet weight is .07 ounces. 40 MOA on the scope, 20 on the reticle hold overs, and 27 on the rings gives me 87 MOA of vertical adjustment from zero: good for 400 yards with SV ammo or about 475 yards with HV ammo. The data that I have provided below is for Federal “Bulk Pack” 36 grain hollow-point ammunition and CCI Mini-Mag 36 grain hollow-point ammunition. script.readyState == "complete"){ Please note that many of the photos used on this website to illustrate a point were found on public forums, and Pinterest or other similar websites with no known origination source. The only thing that I can think of that would effect your point of aim like that is that your sight might be coming loose. Note the graph above. //http://cartsync-blaze2.azureedge.net/mcarbo-com/images/promo/smt-welcome.--jpg Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. This can be useful in comparing cartridges or loads. This is only .37″ higher than the maximum apogee of the 25-yard zero’s trajectory. 40 MOA on the scope, 20 on the reticle hold overs, and 27 on the rings gives me 87 MOA of vertical adjustment from zero: good for 400 yards with SV ammo or about 475 yards with HV ammo. The trajectory for long range is from zero, then up slightly, then down to -32 inches at 500 yards. That won’t get you very far. If you plan on shooting past 50 yards and out towards 100 yards I would recommend the 10-yard zero, then memorize the dope or make a range card, and practice at various distances to learn where the rifle will shoot. The 25-yard zero climbs over the point-of-aim at 25 yards and only reaches approximately 2/10″ before falling back through point-of-aim again at 50 yards. .22 LR Rimfire Rifle Extended Ranges » 25 – 140 Yards AIMING REFERENCE DISTANCE BULLET DROP Crosshair Center 50 yards 0 1st Hashmark 60 yards 1 inch 2nd Hashmark 90 yards 4 inches 3rd Hashmark 120 yards 9 inches Top of Bottom Post 140 yards 16 inches Range Class F Slug Shotgun and Traditional Black Powder Rifle Moderate Range » 25 – 150 Yards AIMING REFERENCE DISTANCE … I have provided data for shooting with the factory sights that sit 6/10″ above the center of the bore, and also for optics with a reticle that sits 1.5 inches above the center of the bore (such as the Bushnell TRS-25, shown right). If you are using a scope mounted with the reticle or crosshairs that sit ~2″ above the bore, the best zero distance for the flattest trajectory is going to be different that using the factory iron sights that sit ~.6″ above the center of the bore. We will not share any of your information. My goal was to figure out a best set-it-and-forget-it “battle sight zero” setting on my Ruger 10/22 that would allow me to get the best accuracy at varying distances without worrying about holdover. It also means that Hillary Clinton is a terrible person. So we can say that when shooting a .22 Long Rifle at up to 100 yards, the bullet behaves only a bit worse than it would do in a vacuum. var prm = Sys.WebForms.PageRequestManager.getInstance(); if (typeof callback === "function") Find the Hunting Gear guy on YouTube, on MOA and Adjustment Required for Shooting 22LR Long Range, Vortex Diamondback HD 10X42 Binoculars Review. This means that the bullet will impact just below the dot. I can’t guarantee reliability with these two loads of ammunition in any other semi-automatic rifle besides a Ruger 10/22, but if your rifle will shoot these loads then these are the ballistic results that you should expect. I just shoot a fine bead at close in targets and as the distance increases I use a progressively fuller bead. Like any firearm, you can zero your .22LR rifle to any distance you like. ga('create','UA-58882990-1','http://www.mcarbo.com'); 22LR Muzzle Velocity: 22lr muzzle velocity is the speed with which a bullet leaves the barrel measured in feet per second (FPS). I’m assuming that when you zeroed the rifle at 25 yards that your tested it out at 100 yards also and I understand that it isn’t hitting where you expect it to now. My dad had made up a set of steel targets on counterweighted swivelling stands (he's a machinest) for a rimfire course. script.src = url; validatePhone(this); $('#cartsync_mm_button').click(function(){ $('#cartsync_mobile_menu').show().animate({'margin-left':'0'}, 'slow'); }); ShootersCalculator.com is in the process of being massively overhauled. callback(); Trajectory Chart 17 HMR, 17 HM2, 22 LR, 22 WMR, KEL-TEC SUB-2000 Gen 2 M-SERIES 9mm For Sale, Shipping Info | 30 Day Return Policy | Warranties. A maximum rise of 3 inches is appropriate for hunting the smaller species of big game, creatures from perhaps 75 pounds to 150 pounds on the hoof, which typically have a kill zone of about 8 inches from top to bottom. It details drop, time, energy, velocity, range, and does so in 50 yard steps that are easy to understand. } If you are lucky enough to have access to .22LR ammunition then the dedicated .22LR AR-15 rifles or the conversion kits for your 5.56mm/.223 caliber AR-15 rifles are fun for target shooting and plinking, and can be a great tool for teaching new shooters without the loud noise and high price of full-size center-fire ammunition. Recommendation:  While the 25-yard zero is very attractive, I would still recommend the 20-yard zero. Gemtech’s Subsonic .22LR Ammunition = WIN! if (telVal.length == 10) { It is a great investment if you want to get into long range shooting and will be especially useful if you handload. As a rule the faster the muzzle velocity the shorter the bullets time in flight and there for a flatter trajectory and less drop. Cartridges Abbreviated By Manufacturer: (C) = CCI; (H) =Hornady; (R) = Remington; (W) = Winchester 22LR Muzzle Velocity: 22lr muzzle velocity is the speed with which a bullet leaves the barrel measured in feet per second (FPS). var welcome = document.createElement('DIV'); Plan to use 30 degree CCI 0031( ammo as I always do), and and 60 degree to determine the pattern difference at 25 (my zero) ,50, and 100 yards. The … The email address you entered is not valid. Some 1-6 scopes for example, come with 150 MOA of adjustment! Rifles like the Ruger Precision Rimfire come with a 30 MOA rail so you’re ready to shoot long range 22LR out of the box. CCI may offer better reliability as it is a little cleaner burning and takes longer to foul the rifle. If you find a photo is your intellectual property and would like it removed, simply contact me with the page and name of the photo and I’ll be glad to take it down, or give you credit for it, or link it to your website. Where you will enjoy the benefits of a 20-yard zero is that the bullet only impacts 4.44″ below point-of-aim at 100 yards. The 12-yard zero is represented by the red arc. Copyright © 2020 ShootersCalculator.comALL rights reserved. If you want to know more, keep reading. At 100 yards you can expect your point-of-impact to be 2.37″ below your point-of-aim. All trajectory figures are rounded off to one decimal place. ga('send','pageview'); Our 22LR ammo ballistics chart will give you the bullet ballistic coefficient, muzzle energy, muzzle velocity and bullet drop of 27 different .22LR rimfire cartridges. On the graph you will see a slight increase in the apogee of bullet’s flight (measured in 100th of an inch) and only .36″ difference in drop below point-of-aim at 100 yards. Used as such it can save a lot of trial and error experimentation. Keep in mind that your red-dot (assuming a 3 MOA dot) will appear 3″ wide at 100 yards. Please let me know how it can be improved upon. There are several ballistics calculators available on the web which show charts and data as in the above picture. Conversely, a 100 yard zero means, with a dead-on hold, the bullet's maximum mid-range rise will cause misses by shooting over when shooting at typical small game targets, such as the head of a squirrel. This makes it easy to hit a target the size of a tennis ball or a squirrel out to 67 yards simply by placing the red-dot where you want to hit and then applying the seven principles of marksmanship. Now you try comparing the CCI 22lr ballistics with the Winchester 22lr ballistics and let me know what you discover. (function(i,s,o,g,r,a,m){i['GoogleAnalyticsObject']=r;i[r]=i[r]||function(){ I have had the chance to shoot the dedicated .22LR Colt M-4, as will as a civilian M4 equipped with a CMMG .22LR conversion kit. A 20-yard zero will see the bullet climb through point-of-aim at 20 yards and not drop back through until approximately 62 yards, during which time the bullet will only climb to a maximum of .56″ at 40 yards. In order to get the farthest range out of the rifle we set up the sites so that the bullet will fly in a parabolic arch (like throwing a football). Thank you. You can get some cant in your rimfire base by adding materials between the rear of the base  and the receiver.

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