This is different than a Build and Price configurator. This one is kind of slow and takes some time, but it’s still cool to see the 2021 Corvette in the color you want and think about all the possibilities. I think for all our waiting, they should drop the MSRP by 5K... and just for the MECF members!!! Charlie aka cutnout. It’s fun to play with and will help you narrow down what you want in your 2021 Corvette. since the 2021 c8 is not a new model from 2020 i expect a minimal price increase once 2020 orders get pushed to 2021 because of the secind plant shutdown. GM Authority announced today with the Visualizer release that the HIGH WING OPTION would again be offered for the 2021 C8 but the 2021 Corvette Order Form does not list anything specifically about a HIGH WING. I hope if they do increase the price they also include side assist and rear view mirror camera in the LT1s, Copyright © 2018 While makes every effort to ensure that this information is complete and accurate, you should always consult the manufacturer of your vehicle if you have a specific issue or question.

I would bet sales orders in will not have any price increase. Craft Your 2021 Corvette If you’re thinking of getting a 2021 Corvette, you can now visualize what you’re going to buy. Home is the beautiful Pacific Northwest. It would be a real goodwill killer to leave a bunch of MY 2020 customers high and dry without cars, convert their orders to MY 2021, and then clobber them with a big price hike. autoevolution® and the autoevolution® logo are registered trademarks. It remains to be seen what the overall car market, including Corvettes, does post the present Corona lock down. After WW2 I don't think any car company has reduced cost year to year.

Or maybe $58,995 ??? While some hold hope for a V shape recovery, I am not so sure. (Kidding) im just quarantine cranky. By continuing to use this site you agree to these cookies. Included in this massive list are the stripe packages that were teased a few months back. I have never worked with a company whose customer service is better! I think initially we will see only a small increase, if any at all, then maybe a $1000 or so mid 2021 production. All times are GMT-5.

Its a broad level of thought and I can be excluding some manufacturer so educate please.

more info Info symbols indicate there is more information as well as important terms, conditions, or The visualizer isn’t as sleek and easy to use as the Build and Price configurator that will come out at a later date. Required fields are marked *, By using this form you agree with the storage and handling of your data by this website. There are two body styles, 12 exterior paint colors, three different roof treatments for each body style, and 32 different exterior accent choices. Torch Red HTC with black top and nacelles, Non Z51, 1LT, perf.

This page was generated at 09:10 PM. You will only receive our top stories,typically no more than 5 per day. Steve Garrett and Keith Cornett from collaborate to give you the latest updates from the world of Corvette. © 2008-2020 SoftNews Net SRL.All rights reserved. e.g., is demand for the Cadillac probably substantially lower than demand for the C8? FOR SALE: 2011 Corvette Z06 Carbon Special Edition, GM Issues a Technical Service Bulletin for the Incorrect Radio Label on the 2020 Corvette, New Carbon Fiber Accessories are Coming for the 2021 Corvette, Chevrolet LT5 Engine: Specs, Applications, & More, Chevrolet LT2 Engine: Specifications, Applications, & More, 2020 Corvette Stingray Raises $370,000 for Charity at Barrett-Jackson’s Fall Auction, The 3 Most Notable Corvettes By Decade: The 2010s, The 3 Most Notable Corvettes By Decade: The 2000s, List & Sell Your Corvette on My guess is the MSRP will not change.

Take your politics elsewhere! I’ve waited close to a year for the 2020 I ordered last Sept, and still sitting at GM will be making money with this car at $59,995 when they resume and they need to keep the HYPE and ad campaign as such.As popular as we may think these cars are the interest needs to be kept alive in these trying times. If they change my order to a 2021 and I get my 2021 right away and its only $1k increase I will order the car.

Build and Price the 2021 Corvette Stingray: choose trims, accessories & more to see pricing on a new Chevy Corvette Stingray. *. Anything posted from now on that is political SHALL result in a minimum one week banning. Here are some of the topics: Violators will not as usual get a gentle private message. If you’re thinking of getting a 2021 Corvette, you can now visualize what you’re going to buy. GBA Black; HTO Twilight/Tension interior; Z51 & Mag Ride; E60 lift; 5VM visible carbon fiber package; 5ZZ high wing; FA5 interior vis CF; ZZ3 engine appearance; 3LT; Q8T Spectra Gray Tridents; J6N Edge Red Calipers; SNG Edge Red Hashmarks; VQK Splash Guards; RCC Edge Red engine cover; VJR illuminated sill plates. We also cover all the Corvette news, culture and other things in the world of Corvette. We do not care what side of the political realm you are on. The “Cobra” Could be the Next Autonomous Motorcycle. Well, you could kind of already do that, but now Chevrolet has a builder up on its website that will allow you to build and visualize your future car. The second model year of the C8 is right around the corner, and Chevrolet is hyping up the newcomer with the help of an.

check out the. Their product is equally terrific. exhaust. That said, you should probably head over to Chevy’s website to check the visualizer out. The visualizer for the 2020 model was a massive success for Chevrolet and brought thousands of potential buyers to the site. How many of you out there believe this time frame? This website uses cookies to ensure you get the best experience on our website. Anything above that and I will probably just wait a few years. is your single resource for all things related to the Corvette. 2021 CORVETTE STINGRAY Menu Explore Stingray START OVER EXTERIOR ROOF HEADLIGHTS STUDIO LIGHTS ON STUDIO LIGHTS OFF TAKE A PHOTO SAVE THIS … No, bad idea. I agree we should have a poll about the possible price increase John. Chevy is likely hoping for a similar reaction with this visualizer, but the 2021 car isn’t really being changed from the 2020 model year, so we expect the activity to be less impressive for the 2021 model year. im a f in ***** and if GM raises the price I might bail on principal and Ill be ****ed.

The 2021 C8 Corvette has to be the most customizable variant of the sports car we’ve ever seen. A comprehensive and growing reference library that encompasses everything about these cars: from in-depth overviews and extensive technical info on each model year. Something to pass the time. Interesting times, however as overall vehicle sales are down.
Subscribe and get the best news, reviews and deals delivered to your inbox weekly. He lives in Indianapolis, Indiana, and can be found tinkering in his shed when he isn't writing. Well, you could kind of already do that, but now Chevrolet has a builder up on its website that will allow you to build and visualize your future car. Bright red calipers mirrors and Z51 spoiler.

This enables Disqus, Inc. to process some of your data. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. I hope it's like the 2014 to 2015 where the guys that didn't get their C7s were not subject to the price hike if there were at 1100 or higher. Edge red and carbon flash hash marks. While I agree the rumors of massive price increases are insane, I suspect the pricing model for each car reflects many considerations unique to that car. The Corvette C8 is among the … I think prices on Corvettes will go up. Our newsletter delivers all the Corvette news, rumors, deals and events directly to you each week. What Wade Thiel divides his time between motorcycles, cars, and the outdoors. 2021 Corvette sports car 2021 Chevrolet Corvette Visualizer C8 Corvette options click to load Disqus comments for this story This enables Disqus, Inc. … C8 Stingray & Z06+ News, Information & Questions,,, If this is your first visit, be sure to If they had to raise the price, I'm hoping it's less than 3K. The 2021 Cadillac Escalade, a massively changed new 5th generation model, has major enhancements, is a bigger size, and contains more standard amenities and yet is MSRP is only increasing $1,000. Great topic for a poll. This is different than a Build and Price configurator. Learn how your comment data is processed. Your email address will not be published. Your email address will not be published. Splash guards, front lip & rocker panels. Lifetime, annual contributors, and 23 year members of National Corvette Museum. Start typing to see results or hit ESC to close. So prices might go down and prove that a person with expanded experience can be wrong. I hope not much. This infuriating condition may have something to do with traffic, but knowing General Motors, the biggest of the Big Three in Detroit may have rushed to bring the visualizer tool online without testing it as thoroughly as possible. Chevrolet's visualizer shows you the changes made for the 2021 Corvette, both for the coupe and convertible versions. You can’t see prices and option out your ride exactly how you want it, but you can see the car you want and put the colors you want and play with some of the options for the car. So much fun to speculate. MECF is a car forum. After ordering my 2021 C8, I’ve read that delivery could be 12-18 months per Corvette Dave. Just as our parents generation was Great Depression scarred and it affected their consumer habits, people may in the future be putting all their mad money into toilet paper.

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